All change as national telephone infrastructure goes VoIP

It’s around 25 years since the development of VoIP digital telephone technology. However, many businesses have yet to adopt VoIP and share in the benefits. The reasons? Well, hanging on to the old ways is certainly one of them, as people are pretty much always resistant to change. And getting the most out of investment in legacy telephone equipment is likely to be a financial consideration.

But all that is changing. Everyone (domestic as well as business users) in the UK and Ireland will have to switch to VoIP telephony as the old telecoms infrastructure is upgraded. The analogue public switched telephone network (PSTN) and ISDN services are scheduled to go end-of-life at the end of December 2025, with telephone customers switched over to a fully digital VoIP network.

Why the 2025 PSTN switch-off and what does it mean?

The reason for the change is to upgrade the communications infrastructure to keep in step with the massive changes we’ve seen in recent times – smartphones, apps, the cloud, Work from Home (WFH), the Internet of Things and so on. The basic principles of PSTN are over 100 years old and it has been the backbone of the UK’s phone network for decades. Some of the copper cabling dates back to the 19th century.

Like water flowing through pipes, the flow of voice and data over the network is limited by the presence of analogue elements, which in effect narrow the pipework. Switching off the analogue PSTN part of the network is set to accelerate the transmission of voice and data, better feeding our communication and information hungry businesses.

The change means existing analogue line based PBX switchboards and handsets could become obsolete. VoIP technology requires all voice calls to come down a broadband internet connection using VoIP compatible handsets and headsets.

Remember! – It’s about more than just voice calls…

Anything else that uses the legacy phone network PSTN or ISDN lines could also be affected. This includes remote connectivity and monitoring for:

  • Burglar and fire alarms
  • Retail EPOS systems
  • Door entry systems
  • CCTV
  • Fax machines

Switch to VoIP with Goldfish sooner rather than later

Every major switch in technology has a habit of causing companies headaches when they do not act in a timely manner. Many might remember when Windows XP went end-of-life in 2014 and the rush to make sure computers were not left vulnerable to hackers after security updates ended.

Voice and telephone line-based services are mission critical to the business processes of the majority of companies. Delaying action might cause significant problems, such as:

  • Being cut off – Disruption to  voice communication on your existing landline business telephone numbers
  • Disruption to remote services – Broken connectivity with monitoring services such as vital security systems, and payment systems like EPOS
  • Panic buying mistakes – Being forced  to buy inappropriate services in the last minute rush to avoid being cut off
  • Supply chain issues – Shortages of new desktop handsets and softphone headsets for using VoIP services with PCs and mobile devices
  • Long lead times – Experience delays as VoIP telephone service providers get overwhelmed as they are inundated with new business nearer the date

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