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The recent news about Blueface withdrawing services from Ireland will be of significant interest, both across the telecoms sector and for Blueface customers alike. Within the telecoms community, Blueface is highly regarded and respected as a pioneer in VoIP services. As a key player in a highly competitive market, Blueface provided the impetus for to develop similarly high-performance, innovative VoIP technologies, services and solutions.

Whether it results from a commercial decision by a larger parent company, or through financial failure, the withdrawal from the market of one of your business service providers is likely to be cause for concern. However, in the case of Blueface customers, and a service of such fundamental importance as voice calling, it may well be a time of some anxiety.

As you look for alternatives, discover the reliability and quality of’s VoIP services. Enjoy a seamless switch, retain existing numbers, and experience high-quality voice calls with exceptional support. With over 15 years of experience, we ensure your business continues to thrive with first-class communication solutions.

Enjoy the same great benefits of VoIP with Goldfish is a natural fit for Blueface business customers in need of an alternative service provider.’s key VoIP solutions include:

VoIP cloud voice calling
Business-class VoIP solutions that are perfect for businesses of all sizes. It uses broadband internet connectivity to connect your business to its customers using cloud technology. Using our browser-based softphone on the device of your choice avoids the need for expensive handsets. VoIP plans include a full range of powerful features such as Call Waiting, Hold Music, Caller ID, and Call Transfer.

Call recording VoIP call recording feature allows incoming and outgoing calls to be recorded and saved as digital audio files. Once recorded, you can go back and play each recording on demand. Call recording is an indispensable feature for needs such as ‘call forensics’ – capturing what is said, quality management, best practices and identifying training needs.

Call Director
Goldfish Call Director is our interactive voice routing (IVR) feature that saves callers time and avoids the frustration of being on hold when calls are queued. Using pre-recorded verbal options, Call Director allows callers to select how to route their call using the number keypad on the device from which they are calling. Allow your callers to get straight through to the department or person with whom they wish to talk.

Optimised for remote working
For businesses with home or remote workers,’s Remote Working Plan is an enabler, simplifying and providing value in connecting a dispersed or mobile workforce. With DDIs and extension numbers, inclusive minutes, and a Supervisor Console for managing remote workers in real-time, it’s cost-effective to operate flexibly with your team or run a no-bricks business.

CRM integration
Software integration and automation simplify workflows and minimises manual tasks. has developed pre-built CRM integrations for popular tools such as Zoho, Salesforce and SugarCRM. With’s voice call system integrated with your existing CRM system you boost productivity and improve customer experience through accessing all customer and communication information in one place.

Local support’s support team is local – based in County Wicklow. Our reputation for high-quality, customer-centric, ‘go the extra mile’ first-class customer service is one of the chief reasons behind our excellent Trustpilot rating. Whether it is migrating to Goldfish, providing assistance with routine day-to-day tasks like configuration and set-up, or for urgent help to resolve issues, our team is close at hand.

When you choose, you don’t just acquire a VoIP system, you get peace of mind, high performance, and value for money. We guarantee outstanding customer support for VoIP, delivered with a personal touch by a business that cares about looking after every customer.

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Making the transition to is seamless for Blueface customers. There is no disruption or interruption to call services. We can simply port all of your existing numbers over to our system and have you up and running in a jiffy.

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