Having the ability to manage your team from any location, not just countrywide but also worldwide, is made easy today thanks to Quvu, our cloud-based contact centre management solution.

Seeing as you’ll probably be working from home for the foreseeable future, you’ll need a solution that works remotely, has all the features you require to monitor and train agents and is easy and quick to setup.

With no specialist hardware required, Quvu allows you to get started quickly and begin to reap the benefits for all of your inbound and outbound needs. You’ll be able to access real-time campaign statistics, listen to live calls and past recordings, allow the predictive dialler to boost agent contact rates and drive productivity. All within a click of a button, from any computer, anywhere in the world.

How We’re Using Quvu

We’ve been using Quvu for a number of years, which shouldn’t come as a surprise as it’s our own product! We’ve been preaching the “work from home” capabilities of Quvu for a long time and now is the time for us to make use of the service in a way that many customers already do! We’ve asked some of our staff how they’re managing they’re teams remotely in the current climate.

Greg Large – Goldfish.ie Operations Manager

Greg Large is our Operations Manager, managing our Tech Support team and providing advice for the rest of the team on any topics that need his attention. Normally, the team would all be located in the same office working together, but obviously, this is currently not possible. This is a time where the Quvu supervisor console really comes into play:

“Having the team on Quvu whilst working remotely has been indispensable; it’s just like being in the office, as it’s very easy to manage resources with a live view of all staff. It helps with presence. Allowing me to clearly see when a team member is on a call, when they’re on lunch or any other regular break.”

Quvu also provides in-depth stats to help discover the number of calls that the team are taking, and in some cases of what type:

“It also gives an insight into staff performance, how long they have been on calls, how many calls they’ve taken throughout the day and so on. This helps us analyse towards the end of the month our overall performance and figure out where and what we need to improve on”

The recent challenge that many of us are facing is not lost on Greg, but with the help of Quvu’s overall platform, it’s making things a little easier, even when it comes to training new staff:

“It helps with coaching new staff as well, as I can tell if a new starter is spending too long diagnosing any issues. I use Quvu more now that we’re all remote working, much more than when working in the office. Thanks to the way the Quvu platform operates, it’s making team and call management seamless when working remotely.”

Admin Console

This allows senior management to oversee the entire contact centre operation and administer changes to the teams, queues, dial data and have access to an extensive set of statistics including the ability to customise, add or remove statistics.

Supervisor Console

This enables middle management or team leaders to monitor the activities of their agents and teams, allocate inbound and outbound queues, analyse statistics, listen to calls and carry out call coaching.

Agent Console

This console provides agents with a simplified, complication-free platform to manage their calls, whether they are using the predictive dialler or preview dialler.

Stephanie Longhorn – Brand Operations Manager

Stephanie is in charge of the Virtual Receptionist team and manages the day to day operations of the team. In normal circumstances, operating without Quvu would make things very difficult, so given the current climate, it’s needed more now than ever. Stephanie is able to monitor her agents the same way as the Operations manager does, however as the Virtual Receptionist team deal with a higher volume of calls, with more agents to manage, she makes use of the admin console and some of the additional inclusive features:

“It’s important to recognise the difficult situation we’re all currently living through by working exclusively from home for the foreseeable future, to that end I’ve created a report in the admin console that allows me to correctly monitor how long the agents are logged in each day, to ensure they are working the full shift.”

Not to be outdone, Stephanie also uses the supervisor console to its full extent:

“I’m now constantly logged into the supervisor console to ensure all members of staff are in the correct ‘ready’ or ‘not ready’ state. From there I can also monitor the agents as and when needed as well as provide feedback should it be necessary. Call stats are checked daily to see if this is increasing or decreasing.”

As the team is accustomed to sharing the same office space, it has brought a number of unfamiliar challenges which the team are having to navigate through:

“We do daily conference calls between members of staff to keep morale up in the team and there is time to have a chat to keep things as normal as they can be. The team have also been given extra breaks throughout the day; using the supervisor console I can check that these are being taken correctly.”

How you can get started

Contact our Sales team who will be happy to discuss how Quvu can transform your contact centre via email at sales@quvu.ie or phone on 01 556 3222

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