With what appears to be a second wave of the coronavirus pandemic approaching, more and more businesses are preparing for the eventuality of remote working once again.

Earlier this year, many businesses quickly transitioned to remote working scenarios in order to continue operating. While some businesses were fully prepared for this, most were caught unawares and had to take on untested solutions and/or quick fixes. This led to a hard readjustment for many.

Since then, we’ve been able to venture out a bit more and offices have seen increases in staff returning to work. However, it appears this has been a false dawn as it becomes more and more likely that this will be a harsh winter with governments in Ireland and the UK recommending people to work from home whenever possible. This time, businesses are more prepared… and so are we.

Save up to 50% with our new Remote Working Package. Starting from €149 per month, you’ll get a fully equipped VoIP telephone system with 10 DDIs, perfect for operating your business remotely.

The phone system you need to work remotely

Our cloud-based phone system is perfect for remote working, giving users the flexibility and security they need to operate from any location.

Quick and easy setup

Our VoIP packages are setup within minutes so you can start working straight away. What’s more, you don’t need any specialist equipment. All you need to make and receive calls is a web browser and a stable Internet connection (though if you want to use desk phones or mobiles you can do so too!)

Use up to 10 DDIs

We’ll provide you with 10 separate telephone numbers and extensions for you to share with your employees. Route incoming calls through one or more extensions, thus ensuring each employee can continue to be productive.

Inclusive landline & mobile minutes

You’ll have access to 4000 landline minutes and 1000 mobile minutes for you to use to make outbound calls. If you need more, we can simply add them to your account through our sales team.

IVR menus & call recording

Create IVR menus to direct callers to the correct department in a quick and easy manner. Record inbound and outbound calls and store them in our secure online database for up to 6 years. Access recordings at will so you can help train your staff or to deal with customer complaints.

Manage your employees remotely

Know what calls your staff are dealing with in real-time with stat-tracking and call times by using our supervisor console. Support your staff by listening to calls and administering training on the spot.


To sign up to our remote working package, you can call us on 015547888 (option 2) or email us instead – sales@goldfish.ie. Alternatively, if you’d like more info, check out our designated remote working package page on our website.