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First, up before we talk about routing we’d like need remind everyone that you can answer your Goldfish virtual landline numbers for FREE without having to pay any mobile redirection costs.  You can do this via a choice of apps, softphones and our exclusive cloud phone, on your mobile, tablet or computer. You also make calls on your numbers on the same way. Details of how do this are in the ‘Answering Calls Remotely’ paragraph below.

Using the Routing Wizard

To change your company’s routing, first login into your Control Panel with the email that the account is registered to and your password. You can request a password change if you have forgotten it. If you don’t know your email then please call Goldfish Support on 015547888.

Individual staff members can login into their own stripped back Control Panel, which allows each direct line to change its own routing, as well as access to Voicemails and Call Recordings (if activated on the account). This saves the main admin on the account having to do this for all staff members.

Goldfish’s ‘Routing Wizard’ allows you to control where calls are routed once they are received on your virtual landline. Here you can do the following:

  1. Set how long you want your VoIP number to ring before the call is forward on e.g. to another extension, your voicemail or you mobile.
  2. You can set you Goldfish number to bypass your deskphone and divert straight to your mobile, which is helpful if you are going to be out of the office over Christmas. Please note: this incurs a mobile charge.
  3. You can add messages to play to your callers and even have your number diverted straight to voicemail. You will then be emailed mp3 recording of of any voicemail messages that are left.

Instructions on how to use our Routing Wizard can be found here.


If you need assistance with any setting up any of the features and services above then please do not hesitate to call the Goldfish Support Team on 015547888 by email or you can raise a Support Ticket here.



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