Changing your voicemail messages on Goldfish

Here’s are how you change your company’s welcome greeting and personal messages on your Goldfish account and Call Director IVR

Using the Shortcut

The simplest way to change a greeting that a caller receives when they dial your number is to dial 8000 on your handset, or softphone, on the extension you want to change the greeting.  This is a shortcut that lets you access all your voicemail features, in the same way that you can on your mobile phone. 

Upload a New Audio File

If you need to change a message for to play to callers,  once recorded it can easily be uploaded to your Control Panel and added to either your Routing Wizard or you Call Director IVR.

Please see this page in our Help section on Audio Files to get guidance on how to configure audio files on your account.

If you have Call Director then please got to the page in our Help section on Call Director.

If you already have the audio message on your account, but need to switch it with your current on, then you will see it you list of audio files in your ‘Routing Wizard’. When you are asked ‘Where would you like to route your number to in the first step?’ then scroll down to the fourth option ‘Play a message to the caller’. Here you will be able to choose the Message that you’d like to play.


If you need assistance with any setting up any of the features and services above then please do not hesitate to call the Goldfish Support Team on 015547888 by email or you can raise a Support Ticket here.


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