New addition to customers’ MyGoldfish Control Panel

You asked, we listened. Recently some of our customers requested the ability to see the number of minutes they have remaining in their call plans. In response we have recently launched added a new feature to your MyGoldfish Control Panel, to allow you to easily check your remaining allocation in your call plans without having to contact our Support Team. 

Our customers can now see when they might be approaching their full allowance, so that they can change their Call Plan.  This is located at the top of the My Phone Numbers section in your MyGoldfish Control Panel.

To Check Your Call Plan Allowances

1. To check your allowances log into your MyGoldfish Control Panel here.

2. Click the ‘Your Numbers’ tab on the left.

3. This will then open onto the ‘My Phone Numbers’ page.

4. At the top you will see the section entitled ‘Call plan information’ below which you will see how many minutes remain on your monthly call plan allowances for landlines and mobiles , as well as how much credit remains on your fax plan.

To Add a Call Plan

If you do not currently have a call you can also sign up for one here as follows.

Follow steps 1 and 2 above.

3. When in ‘My Phone Numbers’ got to ‘If you wish to change or subscribe to a call plan, please Click Here’

4. When you ‘Click Here’ it will open a page entitled ‘Change your call plan’

5. Click on either of the banners that are greyed-out to chose either a call plan or fax plan.

6. You will then be shown the option of adding the following packages:

  • Unlimited Irish and U.K. landlines for €15 per month
  • Unlimited Irish and U.K. landlines, plus 200 mobile minutes for €55 per month
  • Unlimited Irish and U.K. landlines, plus 500 mobile minutes for €95 per month

Alternatively, if you would prefer a customised call plan then please let us know.

7. Choose your preferred plan by clicking ‘Select’.

8. Lastly, click ‘Change Plan’.

The change in the cost of your call plan will be show at the bottom.  Any changes to your account will take place after your next bill.

Please contact us if you need any assistance on 019081999.




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