Voip for legal firms

Legals professionals can become smart workers with cloud telecoms.

There are many benefits of switching to a cloud telecoms phone system for busy legal firms. The new features can provide smart way of working for busy solicitors and barristers. These include:

  • Crystal clear HD digital calls whether you are in or out of the office
  • Increased flexibility – answer your office calls from anywhere
  • Full call recordings of all incoming and outgoing calls (retained for up to 6 yrs)
  • Virtual Switchboard to professionally answer and guide your callers
  • Lower costs, save 60% on Eir with a low monthly fee
  • Free add-ons such as softphones, apps and email-to-voicemail
  • You can keep all your existing numbers and simply transfer them to us

The VoIP Difference

VoIP is a telecoms digital technology that allows you to receive all your landline phone calls over the Internet, instead of traditional phone lines. As well as providing crystal clear calls it allows businesses access to features that were previously not possible or were expensive add-ons.


The nature of the job means legal professionals are often away from their desks.  With Goldfish system’s ‘follow me’ features you need never miss a call again. All calls to office landlines/desk phones can be answered even when you are out of the office via a VoIP app or by using our easy Routing Wizard. Should it no be possible to answer a call, then it can set to forward to another number. Any  voicemails are then automatically emailed to you so you can listen to it on your mobile.

Call Recording

With Goldfish you can record all incoming  and out-going calls. So you have the invaluable asset of a verbal record of all your conversations, stored as an mp3 in our secure online searchable database. We offer options of 1-year and 6-year retention. All recordings are easy to manage, with our GDPR compliant database, that allows you to easily find, and sort, download or delete messages.

Virtual Switchboard

Our ‘Call Director’ feature answers all your calls in a professional manner, playing a recorded message to direct your calls to required direct line i.e. “Welcome to X Solicitors, please 1 for Reception, 2 for Accounts” etc.

Lower Costs

The nature of cloud telecoms means that all your services are provided over your broadband internet connection, no connection to a traditional landline is needed, so there is no line rental to pay. Because all services are provided over the internet the costs of calls are lower. All our services, including calls, can be bundled into one set monthly cost. Calls between all Goldfish numbers are free, so calls between your offices are free, including international offices.

Free Features

Our services come with free add-ons as standard to make your life easier. Free web-phones, softphones and VoIP apps. Free voicemail-to-email. Your MyGoldfish Control Panel allows you to easily manage your account.

Keep Your Numbers

Switching is easy because firms you can keep your existing numbers. Transferring of numbers can be completed within a few days. We ensure there is no break in your services.

Work smarter with Goldfish. Check out our special plans for legal firms  by clicking here.

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