EU data protection

Are you a health professional still using a traditional fax? You could soon be in breach of the EU’s new data protections regulations (GDPR), which come into force next year. Move to a GDPR compliant digital fax service for €5 per month from and your faxes will be as secure as your emails.

The GDPR will include large fines for any breaches so the medical profession needs to be aware of any potential breaches and how to ensure they are compliant and ensure patient confidentiality.

The Irish College of General Practitioners has issued some help guidance for doctors on its website – click here There is also more on the new regulations here

Traditional fax vs digital fax

The problem with doctors, surgeons and other health professionals continuing to use a traditional fax is that it is not secure. Traditional faxes use paper copies to send and receive the faxes, so they are open to breaches in security, because they are not secure and can be read anyone. Whereas a digital fax-to-email can only be read by the recipient.

Find out about how our digital fax services complies with the new data protection regulations click here.

How digital faxes work?

Your existing fax numbers can be transferred to Goldfish seamlessly without a break in service.

Your contacts will continue to send you faxes as before. To senders there will be no change, they will continue to send you faxes to your existing fax numbers. The difference is that you will receive the fax containing patient data securely to your email inbox, so their privacy is protected.

When sending faxes you will continue to send them to a fax number as before, but instead of putting a paper into a fax machines to send you will now attach as PDF to an email and email to the fax number – you read that correctly, you email it to the fax number

Storing of the fax data

As well as protecting patient privacy when faxes are transmitted and received, all the fax data is stored encrypted in our secure data centres, which are all located in the EU.

Under the new regulations patients can also request a copy of all the data held on them., including faxes. With our digital fax service all faxes sent and received are stored on your Goldfish control panel, meaning you have access to them at anytime.

For more about how our digital fax services are GDPR compliant please click here.