Gordon O’Neill interviewed on East Coast FM

Goldfish’s managing director Gordon O’Neill has been interviewed by East Coast FM radio station about the recent IDG deal and to discuss some of the benefits of Goldfish’s services.

In his interview with Declan Meehan on The Morning Show, Mr O’Neill spoke of three main reasons why a business may want to use Goldfish’s telephony service; to make a company more flexible, to help customers present a more professional image and finally to help reduce their operating costs.

“We can provide numbers in all area codes all over the country and you get the benefit of our secure data centres and our features without the cost of maintaining a local phone system…all you need is an internet connection and a phone. ”

“We’ve looked at what our customers want and what they want is a robust telephony service that they can rely on at a very, very good price, with all the voice features that we give them.”

You can here the full interview below: