Inflation-busting price rises making you feel a little hard done?

Never mind the Cost of Living crisis. What about the Cost of Doing Business? Energy costs for running offices, computing power, and keeping teams on the road are also significantly impacting business budgets.

Consumers with affordability issues and less disposable income, and organisations with reduced revenues and business investment capital, it seems everyone, everywhere (EE!) is cracking down on spend. With less money making the world go round and supplier costs going up, there is upward pressure on the price of just about everything and it is proving an irresistible force. 

Some businesses are increasing their charges by indexing new pricing to the Consumer Price Index (CPI) inflation rate, plus an additional increment of up to 40% of the inflation rate. What’s more, for some, price increases are going to be an annual event!

A prime example of this price increase strategy is the higher prices many companies are soon going to be paying for telephone calls and services, and some will see prices jump by around 14%.

Every business reserves the right to monitor and adjust its pricing to provide the margin it needs to ensure it remains solvent. However, at a time like this, receiving heftier bills from suppliers that exceed the rate of inflation is likely to make thousands of small to medium-sized business customers feel a little hard done.

An inflation-busting price increase that sees you paying more with nothing extra in return is nothing short of a bad deal. For many, the best way forward is to switch suppliers and move to a telephone service provider that delivers better value.

The very best value voice call deal on the market from Goldfish

If your business hasn’t switched to VoIP already, then your business telephone calls may be bleeding you dry, especially if you are using legacy ISDN or copper lines, and a hardware PBX telephone system.

Switching to VoIP is guaranteed to reduce your costs straight away. And switching to Goldfish means you’ll be getting a great value deal, including advantages such as:

  • More capability – Richer features wrapped in as standard for a fixed monthly fee
  • Outstanding service – Peerless service and support that goes the extra mile
  • Reduced costs – Eliminate legacy lines, PBX equipment and maintenance

A Goldfish contract is one of the quickest and easiest ways of reducing your fixed business costs. In fact, we’d go so far as to say that fairly assessed like-for-like with any comparable voice call service, Goldfish is probably the very best value deal on the market.

Find out how much you save with Goldfish

To find out how much you save with Goldfish, simply contact us today on 01554 7888 with your most recent bills for your telephone system, lines and calls.  We’ll do a like-for-like comparison to actually show you how much you reduce your costs.

If you want to start the ball rolling right away saving with Goldfish, simply sign up here and we’ll be right on it. 

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