Goldfish’s cloud telecoms features enable organisations to easily implement remote working. With our VoIP services can now work remotely  as easily as if you were working in the office – it is the must have tool for remote workers. All our features provide you with geographic freedom and mobility, so that you can access and use them the same, irrelevant of where you are located.


Be in the office even when you are out. All of Goldfish’s VoIP phone numbers can  be answered from any location. Be it your main phone number or your direct line; all calls be answered or transfered to you as if you were in the office. You can also make outgoing calls on your lines from any location. It is one of the big benefits of VoIP. It means that you can answer lines direct from anywhere, without having to forward them on to your mobile and incur the cost of a mobile call. 

1. Goldfish’s ‘Cloud Phone’

Last year we launched Ireland’s first ever cloud phone, called the Babelphone. Our customers can use it to answer inbound calls and make outbound calls on their Goldfish direct number from within a Google Chrome web-browser.

cloud phone

It is our alternative to a softphone because it does not require any software to be downloaded or configured. You just need to go to the phone via this link   and access it with your VoIP username and VoIP Password.

It is a great basic phone if you want to work remotely, but there are some limits on functionality, for instance so you can’t transfer calls on it. Otherwise it works like any other VoIP phone.

2. Use a Softphone

A softphone can be downloaded to your PC, mac or tablet so you can make and receive calls through a piece of software on your desktop. It is easy and will take just a couple of minutes.

For Windows users your MyGoldfish Control Panel includes a free 3CX softphone, that comes preconfigured for each Direct Dial VoIP number. Just click the phone number you want to use in Your Numbers  and scroll down to ‘Voice over IP settings’ see below.

3cx softphone

For Macs users we recommend using TELEPHONE or the X-LITE softphones. Details on all softphones can be found in our Help Section.

3. Use an App

You also can make and receive calls through all your numbers via an app on a smartphone or tablet. The app we recommend is the GS Wave, which is manufactured by GRANDSTREAM, the company that makes the VoIP handsets that we sell.

Here are the links to download the GS Wave app from both the App Store and Google for Android.

Grandstream Wave in App Store

Grandstream Wave for Android.

More guidance can be found in the section entitled ‘Smartphone Application’ in the help  section of our website.

4. Your Handset

wifi phone

Your VoIP handset can be plugged in anywhere in the world and it will work the same as if you were sat in your office. All the functions work the same. So if you are going to be at home and want to set up your phone to cover calls, then just plug your VoIP handset into your modem at home

5. Real-time team management

Quvu allows you to manage your teams remotely. See who is on calls, listen in to calls, and real-time stats on all calls handled and dispositions such as sales made, call backs, demos booked etc.

Further Information

Check out why VoIP is best for remote workers here.


If you need assistance with any setting up any of the features and services above then please do not hesitate to call the Goldfish Support Team on 015547888 by email or you can raise a Support Ticket here.


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