Goldfish approved as supplier to Grandstream’s business phone systems

This week we announced that we have been approved as a supplier of SIP Trunks to US internet telecoms manufacturer Grandstream. So what have we done? And why have we done it?

First up, a bit of background. We are big fans of Grandstream. We have been selling Grandstream’s handsets (hyperlink) for almost ten years. Since we were founded in fact. We were selling Grandstream before they were even a known brand in Ireland and the UK. They were one of the first companies to make VoIP handsets and unlike more traditional manufacturers, whom pivoted from traditional to make VoIP, Grandstream has been a specialist VoIP manufacturer since the beginning. They know what they are good at and they stick to what they do best.

SIP trunks are how on-site equipment connects to a VoIP network. When choosing a SIP Trunk provider you need to ensure that they work seamlessly with your on-site equipment. Grandstream have conducted extensive tests to ensure that Goldfish’s SIP Trunks are compatible with IP PBXs, such as UCM series.

This means organisations purchasing Grandstream’s on-site business phone systems can choose Goldfish as their SIP trunk supplier, knowing that our system will work seamlessly with their new equipment. Giving access to Goldfish’s secure international network and reliable phone services.Grandstream SIP Trunks

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