Recently we launched Ireland’s first virtual phone, the Bablephone, which is now used by thousands of users in businesses across Ireland. The beauty of this fully cloud-based phone is that it does not require any download or set-up. It’s quick and simple to use; all you need is a web-browser.

virtual phone

The problem with traditional softphones is that they need to be downloaded and configured on the computer you were working on. Then if you need to change computers they have to be pre-configured again. But not with the Babelphone, you can use a new computer, access the web and be making calls on our virtual phone in seconds. It couldn’t be simpler.

We’ve been talking to our customers about they are using the Babelphone and outline some of the benefits they’ve told us about below.


Providing a company the ability to move to hot-desking as been one of the biggest benefits of the Babelphone. One of our largest customers was able to move to a full hot-desking setup thanks to our virtual phone. Previously they were using the 3CX softphones, also supplied by Goldfish. But the problem was that they were registered to a version of the softphone on the particular computer they were using. The needed the softphone downloading, pre-configured and had to log in and out.

With the Babelphone though all they needed to when working at a desk was open the web browser and sign-in to start making calls with the virtual phone.

Quick, easy, simple. And removing the need for softphone removes another layer of technology that can go wrong.

Hot-desking has meant they’ve needed less desks and have been able to reduce their floorspace, resulting in a huge saving in office costs.


The Babelphone is great for remote workers. They can be truly mobile and still receive all their landline calls on the go, without the need for a handset or the setting up of redirection to forward calls to their mobile.

They just need their web browser to make calls. People can work away while simply keeping a tab open to make and receive calls.


No matter what happens to your place of work you will still be able to answer all your calls. What if your premises has to close due to inclement weather, flooding, fire etc? How will you answer your calls? How will you stay operational?

With the Babelphone you don’t have to worry because in an emergency you can use it to answer your main landlines or your direct lines. All you have to do is login to the Babelphone and it will ring at the same time as your landline.


The Babelphone is free to Goldfish’s customers. No need to pay for a handset, which is great for start-ups that are trying to keep their costs down. Hardware can be a huge saving for an established company with lots of staff.


Handsets are bad for us. All that reaching for the phone, cocking our heads and perching it under our chins, adversely affects our back and necks. This can lead to long-term problems and result in time off for staff, which can be a large cost to a company.

Because no handset is required for our virtual phone it means it encourages staff use to headsets, which are much more ergonomical for us, as it puts less strain on our bodies. The Babelphone can also be used handsfree via a laptop microphone etc.


There is no need to keep your web-browser with your virtual phone open because our voicemail-to-email will catch any calls and email the MP3 recordings of your voicemails to you, so you’ll never miss a call.


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