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There are few things more annoying than a bad landline. Here’s a few reasons what could be happening, but before we get into them, it’s important know a little about the technology you are using.

If you are on a what’s called a ‘traditional landline’ i.e. services typically provided by likes of eir, then you are still probably getting your calls over copper telephone wire. How do you know?

If you still have to pay expensive monthly Line Rental and have to be in your office to answer your calls, then you are on a traditional service.

The fact that some phone companies make you the rent landline attached to your premises,  just so they can charge for their services, is difficult to comprehend in 2019, but that’s an argument for another day.

If you are on a traditional phone line, then your problems are due to you using antiquated technology that is now obsolete. Traditional phone lines haven’t changed much in over 100 years. In fact if you plugged an antique phone into your line it would still work. A traditional phone is one of simplest devices ever. If you can find a couple of old phones in a shop you even create your own phone intercom easily with your kids.

Bad Weather

It can be a simple fact that bad weather is affecting your phone line. Traditional phones are still carried outside along telegraph poles, so they are susceptible to the elements. Moisture on the line can affect call quality. This will clear up when it is dry, but being in Ireland can be a regular problem.


Leading on from moisture, this can lead to corrosion on your wires, reducing the amount of information they can carry and weakening them. This then affects the call quality because as it corrodes there is less copper to carry information, which leads to lower call quality.

The wires are faulty

Your voice is carried over physical coppers wires and switches, over technology that is now very old and obsolete. There are lots of things that can go wrong in relation to faulty wiring, internally and externally.


Your phone itself could be faulty or the wires might be worn. Try plugging in another handset to test the line. If it sounds fine then you know it is the phone handset.

The Solution

The answer is to get your phone calls over your broadband internet connection. This technology is called VoIP. This eradicates any issues relating to the wires or connections of traditional landlines and a protects your connection from the effects of inclement weather.

For further details of how to upgrade your system to VoIP, please call 015447888 or fill in the form below.


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