No two days are ever the same

One of the cornerstones of modern business practice is to establish processes and procedures to define how operational activities are carried out. This might take the form of a logic flowchart to define steps, describe actions and assign responsibilities. However, no matter how rigorous the thought that goes into defining a workflow, it can never account for every potential scenario, 100 percent.

Greg Large, Operations Manager for is the perfect man for all those situations that fall outside of the defined workflow at Goldfish. Based at Greystones, County Wicklow, he has a broad remit to oversee the day to day running of the Goldfish VoIP platform and support function across Ireland.

The role is wide ranging, but always very focused on ensuring the highest standards of customer service. “No two days are ever the same, and that makes it interesting and keeps it fresh. One minute you’re looking at governance issues like compliance and regulation, and the next you’re rolling up your sleeves for logistical purposes,” says Greg Large.

Having been with the company since 2013 he has had experience in almost every area of the business, something that is invaluable when you have a wider remit where you may have to get involved across the broad swathe of the company’s operational areas.

A diverse set of tasks and activities

As Operations Manager, there’s never a dull moment. “There is a mix of activities that I carry out to make sure things run smoothly. On the admin side there are tasks related to our telecoms partners. This includes checking carrier balances, looking into new carrier deals and checking costs and updating prices. Also, the flow of cash in and out of every business is important, so I’ll also deal with any payment issues,” says Greg Large.

There’s also a significant customer facing element that requires some hands-on skills with the Goldfish VoIP technology platform. Greg Large says: “Sometimes I’ll get involved with deployment projects where we need to rollout and configure the service to new customers, or modify services provided for an existing customer.”

One of the great features of VoIP is Interactive Voice Response (IVR), which lets callers navigate to the right department. This is a generic facility that Goldfish has refined and terms Call Director. Greg Large continues: “A good example of the sort of thing I might do for a customer is to upload and configure their recorded Call Director messages.”

Delivering on the promise of unrivalled customer support

Greg Large has overall responsibility for overseeing Goldfish support across Ireland. There are millions of calls going through the platform every year and the smooth functioning of the support function is critical to customer satisfaction. Goldfish uses customer reviews as a central element for marketing and winning new business.

Greg Large says: “We’ve worked hard at building a reputation for first-class service and it is important to make sure that the support function is properly managed. Technical people love technology for technology’s sake. And good, natural support personnel tend to be unflappable.”

“When we’re trying to resolve a problem, we need to make sure it doesn’t get treated as just another technical challenge. It needs to be prioritised as a customer service issue and we need to do anything and everything to make sure Goldfish continues to deliver on its promise for unrivalled customer support,” Greg Large says.

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