At Goldfish we help companies all over the world communicate better by using the internet for all their phone calls and, called cloud telecoms. Our technology enables companies to operate more efficiently, have flexibility in where and when they handle their phone calls and helps them cut their costs. One sector where we are expanding, is professional services such as legal firms, insurance companies and accountants.

We spoke to Aylish Morrissey, who is the accountant at the legal firm Pearts, to find out how the company benefits from being a Goldfish customer. Pearts have been a customer for a few years now, so we asked Aylish about life at Pearts before Goldfish and how we’ve helped them improve how they work.

What made you upgrade your old phone on-site system?


Aylish: “Before Goldfish we had an old clunky on-site PBX system that had been put in a long time ago, but its functionality and the handsets were lacking. It was old, but we hadn’t realised how obsolete it was until we joined Goldfish and started to the use modern features that were available. 

“Our phone bill also just kept increasing month-on-month, but with Goldfish it came down 75%.”

What made you choose Goldfish?

Aylish: “I hadn’t heard about the benefits of VoIP and cloud telecoms at all beforehand, so I knew nothing about it. But when I heard about what Goldfish’s features could do, it sounded perfect for us. The fact the there is always someone on the end of the phone, if we need help, sold it for us. That was very important.”

What functionality and benefits do you get with Goldfish that you didn’t have before?

Aylish: “For us, there are three main features that we love, which we didn’t have before:

“1. Voicemail-to-email: the way we get our voicemails emailed to us is very helpful. It is just brilliant. A lot my colleagues are often out of the office in the Courts, so the fact that they can see the mp3 voicemails come into their email inbox, and listen to them on their phones, so they can deal with them immediately without having to call in, or come back the office, is a great help.

The fact that we can take our phones with us anywhere is a great help. Our staff change sections and teams a lot, so when they move desks, they just take their phones with them and they work the same. You don’t have to send emails around to tell people they’ve changed extension because they haven’t. I also love being able to work from home and answer my office phone as if I’m in the office

The other great benefit is that our company’s phone configuration is all operated through the cloud, so we can easily login remotely to change the configuration of our phone routing. You can log in from anywhere, it’s just fantastic. during the bad snow we were able to access our set up from home and change our routing, so we could easily divert our calls and change the voicemail on the reception, and our own lines, remotely to let customers know we were closed.

“Since we joined Goldfish we’ve also moved the rest of our software to the cloud. It’s the way to go.”

What’s the best thing about being with Goldfish?

Aylish: “There are two things in particular that jump out. Firstly, the service you get from the Goldfish Support Team is just fantastic. If we have any issues, we just ring you up and it’s sorted quickly, no problems. Leroy is brilliant – he’s my number one! And the second is the cost. The costs for a company to our size, with multiple offices, is brilliant. Yes, so the support service and cost.”

What feature could you not do without?

Aylish: “The voicemail to email feature that I’ve already mentioned. And it’s a free feature too of course, which is great. That has been a big benefit for us.

“The other huge benefit of the Goldfish cloud solution over our old onsite system is that our both our main office and our Rathmines office are now on the same account. This means we now only need one receptionist, as their calls are routed through our office, so it’s a big cost saving. And because they’re on the same network, then any calls to the other office are classed as an internal call; it’s just like calling an extension, so it is easy to forward calls and have three-way conversations etc. When we were with eir we were charged to call that office, but now, of course, all those calls are free!”

About Pearts

 Pearts is a family run legal firm founded in 1883. The company is a solicitors and town agents, that provides legal services to private clients and agency services to other legal firms from around the country. Town agents undertake legal services such as attending court to make applications and liaise with Counsel, on behalf of solicitors who are otherwise unable to attend. For more information please see and

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