2014 Going Swimmingly for Goldfish.ie As It Nets Feed Henry and the Digital Marketing Institute

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Irish Voip firm also had a successful 2013 as revenues up by 77% 2013 and clients increased by 40%  

7th May, 2014; Dublin, Ireland: Wicklow-based cloud telecoms firm Goldfish.ie is looking forward  to another successful year after being appointed by both Feed Henry, the app development company, and also the Digital Marketing Institute in Dublin (see below). The company continues to operate within the buoyant business-VoiP sector as more organisations move to cloud-based technology for their telephones. With clients increasing by 40% in 2013, leading to a 77% boost in revenue, Goldfish.ie has grown consistently each year since the firm was founded in 2010.

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Goldfish.ie sign up the Digital Marketing Institute.

Goldfish.ie is continuing to grow its client base with new organisations in Ireland. More and businesses are realising the amounts they can save with a cloud-based telecoms system. This awareness is growing as more and more areas around the country get access to high- speed broadband. One of our new clients is the Digital Marketing Institute.

Digital Marketing Institute

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Goldfish.ie’s voip technology used on Europe’s tallest skyscraper ‘The Shard’

Shangri La Hotel

Goldfish’s voip technology is being used in the construction of Europe’s largest skyscraper ‘The Shard’ in London Bridge, designed by Renzi Piano.

This video provides an introduction to The Shard Of Glass, Europe’s tallest skyscraper, located at London Bridge. Designed by architect Renzo Piano the name comes from the pointed design mimicking that of a sharp shard of glass. ‘The Shard’, as it is know locally, will be mostly office space and high-end apartments. At the very top though will be Europe’s first Shangri La Hotel, which was constructed by Goldfish.ie’s client’s John Sisk & Son Ltd who used Goldfish.ie’s telecoms technology on the construction of the hotel. Not a bad claim to fame for Wicklow firm.