call tracking

Are you still trying to manually monitor your call tracking?

A problem for marketeers has always been monitoring call tracking results and evaluating the return on investment for marketing spend. These days if you have an online sales funnel then conversions and emails can be tracked easily, which is great. But what about where you have a telephone number advertised?

A lot of companies still rely on either asking the callers where they heard about them or getting them to answer an automated survey after the call, none of which is entirely accurate. Salespeople forget, the caller isn’t clear enough, the results aren’t collated clearly and people hang up before answering a survey. Let’s face it, the last thing the salesperson is thinking about when they have a potential sale on the phone is to make sure they help the marketing team accurately track call analytics. All they are focused on is the sale.  And that is the way it should be. So you need a clear and exact way to collate the results. Here’s what we do.

Using Google Ads and sponsored posts on social media are a great way of generating online sales and getting leads. We track our sales conversions directly into our Number Picker, which allows customers to choose their new phone numbers and sign up online, so they can use their VoIP numbers immediately. These can easily be seen in Google Analytics. Similarly tracking email enquiries is easy to do. But what about those customers that call you? How do you track them?

One of the drawbacks of using Google Ads in Ireland is tracking calls that you receive. Call extensions and call-only ads allow you to add a phone number to a Google Ad.  Google has a call reporting function, however, to use it you need what’s called a Google Forwarding Number, which forwards call to your number.

BUT, Google Forwarding Numbers are not available in Ireland. That sucks huh? Yes. Well, it did until now. There is a way for Goldfish customers to track calls from Adwords and social media, as we do ourselves.

Each month we can see exactly the number of calls we’ve received from Google Ads, our social media and all our marketing campaigns. This gives us a better understanding of the value of our spend. While the calls don’t register as a direct conversion (because they are not all necessarily resulting in a sale) they are very warm leads. So at the end of each week, or month or campaign you see how many calls a campaign has received alongside how many webs sales and conversions you’ve got from a campaign.

Set Up

Here’s how to set it up. As a Goldfish customer you can easily add new numbers to your account and change the routing on that number via your MyGoldfish Control Panel.

  1. Add a new phone number to your account via the Your Numbers tab of your MyGoldfish Control Panel. Click the tab and scroll to the bottom of the page and click ‘Add New Number’. This will take you to our number picker where you can choose a number for any location in Ireland (if you need a UK number use the ‘UK numbering’ tab). Each number is  €5 per month. You are free to add and remove numbers as you need them.
  2. Set your routing for the new number in the Routing Wizard. Even if the number is directed through your main IVR you can still monitor the level of calls separately. If you are expecting a large number of calls then don’t forget to set rules for unanswered calls and Hunt Groups. Lastly add an email for any voicemails.
  3. Use this new number in your marketing campaign. For instance, in Google Ads include the number as a Call Out extension. Or add it to your text and images in your social media ads. Only promote this number in your marketing campaign, so that you can isolate call traffic and identify it as a return in response to the success of your marketing campaign.
  4. You can then monitor the levels of calls your campaigns receives through your MyGoldfish Control Panel. Click the ‘Invoices’ tab and go to ‘Billing – Calls and Faxes’. Here you will see a list of your incoming and out-going calls, including the total number of calls to your new number. Use the find function (Ctrl-F) and put the number in the box; it will list how many times the number has been called.

For customers with larger campaigns our Quvu solution allows you to set the new number as a separate queue for your call centre staff or sales team, to answer in rotation alongside your other calls. You will be able to clearly see live data on the number of calls that is coming from your campaign in the queue data in Supervisor and Admin console’s of Quvu.

If you need any assistance in setting up call tracking for your campaigns then please give us a call on 016876996 or email