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Low cost international calls from Goldfish

 Global Caller

Call internationally for one low price – starts at only €10 per month – choose the pack that suits you.

  • Does your company make a lot of international calls to a range of different countries?
  • Do you want to control and minimise your international dialling costs?

Introducing Goldfish’s range of new international call packs, which include inclusive international minutes to a range of countries and virtual Irish number.

Packs start at €10 for 1,000 minutes to 17 countries. Increasing to over 40 countries for only €20 per month.

Packs are split into 3 different levels of packs, based on the countries you need to call the most.

Set up is immediate and simple to do. You can be using your new numbers and call packs today.

You have the benefit of our trusted award-winning Network and access to our Irish Support Team.

Think you might need more than 1,000 minutes or need more information on what countries are included, then please give Goldfish a call.

Contact Goldfish on 019081415 or send your details here and they’ll be in touch

 ‘Global Caller’ Terms and Conditions:

For Goldfish’s full Terms and Conditions please see here


Low cost international calls to the USA for only 1.2c per minute

cheap calls USA

If you are an exporter of company that has overseas clients or customers then we can help you lower your call costs. Calling international numbers doesn’t have to be expensive if you have a VoIP telephone account, so that your calls can be routed over the internet, which is much cheaper than traditional phone services.

We offer some very low cost international calls’ tarrifs. For example our customers can ring any number in the mainland US for only 1.2c per minute. That applies to all mobiles or landlines and at all times, including peak hours. The phone market in the USA doesn’t differentiate between mobiles (cellphones) or landlines and there is no peak or off-peak, so you can actually call the mainland USA at a cheaper rate than you can call Irish landlines. The only difference is that a small connection fee of 1.2c is charged per call. Hawaii and Alaska are slightly more but still great value. 

Call charges to any number in mainland USA, including mobiles is on only 1.2c per minute. See our Call Charges page for further details.

Set up is immediate so you can making low cost calls to the US today. 

Sign up now – click here!


We can also provide you with local US numbers for your business for any location in the US. Allow US customers and contacts to call you on a local US number instead of having to dial international.

Get a number for any US location for only €12 a month (with a one-off €12 set up fee). Call us today on 015547888.