Partner Focus: Chris Drumm (Kerry VoIP & Is Mise Web)

Chris Drumm is one of the nicest people you can deal with. He’s a true gent and pleasure to work with, which is why we are happy to have head up our first article promoting our partners around the country.

He is lucky enough to be based in Tralee, Kerry, but serves companies across Munster and further afield. Check out the image below some of his services.

Chris Drumm

For further details check out his websites VoIP Kerry and Is Mise Web.

To contact Chris call 0664010170 or email or just fill in your details below and we’ll pass them on.


Goldfish Life: Pearts Solicitors and Town Agents

Pearts Solicitors and town agents

At Goldfish we help companies all over the world communicate better by using the internet for all their phone calls and, called cloud telecoms. Our technology enables companies to operate more efficiently, have flexibility in where and when they handle their phone calls and helps them cut their costs. One sector where we are expanding, is professional services such as legal firms, insurance companies and accountants.

We spoke to Aylish Morrissey, who is the accountant at the legal firm Pearts, to find out how the company benefits from being a Goldfish customer. Pearts have been a customer for a few years now, so we asked Aylish about life at Pearts before Goldfish and how we’ve helped them improve how they work.

What made you upgrade your old phone on-site system?

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Goldfish and Grandstream agree link up

Goldfish approved as supplier to Grandstream’s business phone systems

This week we announced that we have been approved as a supplier of SIP Trunks to US internet telecoms manufacturer Grandstream. So what have we done? And why have we done it?

First up, a bit of background. We are big fans of Grandstream. We have been selling Grandstream’s handsets (hyperlink) for almost ten years. Since we were founded in fact. We were selling Grandstream before they were even a known brand in Ireland and the UK. They were one of the first companies to make VoIP handsets and unlike more traditional manufacturers, whom pivoted from traditional to make VoIP, Grandstream has been a specialist VoIP manufacturer since the beginning. They know what they are good at and they stick to what they do best.

SIP trunks are how on-site equipment connects to a VoIP network. When choosing a SIP Trunk provider you need to ensure that they work seamlessly with your on-site equipment. Grandstream have conducted extensive tests to ensure that Goldfish’s SIP Trunks are compatible with IP PBXs, such as UCM series.

This means organisations purchasing Grandstream’s on-site business phone systems can choose Goldfish as their SIP trunk supplier, knowing that our system will work seamlessly with their new equipment. Giving access to Goldfish’s secure international network and reliable phone services.Grandstream SIP Trunks

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The benefits of using Goldfish’s virtual phone.

Recently we launched Ireland’s first virtual phone, the Bablephone, which is now used by thousands of users in businesses across Ireland. The beauty of this fully cloud-based phone is that it does not require any download or set-up. It’s quick and simple to use; all you need is a web-browser.

virtual phone

The problem with traditional softphones is that they need to be downloaded and configured on the computer you were working on. Then if you need to change computers they have to be pre-configured again. But not with the Babelphone, you can use a new computer, access the web and be making calls on our virtual phone in seconds. It couldn’t be simpler.

We’ve been talking to our customers about they are using the Babelphone and outline some of the benefits they’ve told us about below.

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Ireland’s first virtual phone – the Babelphone

Good news for modern businesses everywhere, you can dump the handset and delete that softphone, because with our virtual phone you can now make and receive all your landline calls from within your web-browser, courtesy of the Babelphone from Goldfish.

Our web-phone is entirely cloud-based and requires no set-up or software.

virtual phone

If you are already a  Goldfish VoIP customer, then simply login to the web-phone via user your Goldfish VoIP ID and password. Here’s the link: Goldfish – Babelphone

Want to try to the Babelphone? Contacts us for a free trial now. Call us on 015547888 or fill on the form below.

Paying too much for your phones?

 Paying too much for your phones? Get in touch with us for a no-obligation free bill comparison and we’ll tell you how much you can save by switching to Goldfish. Some firms save up to 75% off their monthly bill. Call us on now on 015447888 or fill in the short form below and we’ll get right back to you.

Do you need a live call centre management system?

Quvu is our intuitive call centre management software that lets you easily manage your inbound and outbound teams. Features include a smart dialler, real-time stats for wallboards, queue and agent stats, CRM integration and much more.

A fully secure cloud-based system, Quvu allows you to manage your teams remotely across multiple locations. And you have full access to Quvu on the go, so you don’t need to be in your call centre get access to live information.

The system is fully-integrated with Goldfish’s VoIP telecoms system and includes CRM integration for Zoho and Salesforce.  With an open API for bespoke CRM integration.

Check out our video to see what Quvu can do for you.

Would you like more information? Check out Quvu’s full suite of call centre management features here.

Call 01 556 3222 for a free demo or fill in the form below.