Cloud business phone system, live call stats and CRM integration

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These days live data and CRM ((Customer Relationship Management) integration are fundamental must-haves for any business phone system. It is no longer good enough to have a standalone phone system.

That’s why we developed Quvu to provide real-time call-stats on all your incoming and outgoing call data. It includes a smart-dialler to turbo-boost your sales campaigns. 

More and more business operations are starting to revolve around the CRM  system. Everything is being fed into and integrated with the CRM, including phone systems and call data. We’ve built CRM integrations for our phone system, so Goldfish customers using Zoho or Salesforce can make and receive all their calls from within the dashboard of their CRM system. With click-to-dial for outgoing calls and screen pop-ups for incoming calls, to improve efficiency and ensure better data collection.

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Adding new Irish or UK phone numbers

Goldfish has a full range of new Irish and UK phone numbers available through the MyGoldfish Control Panel.

Our customers can simply register for new phone numbers by logging into their MyGoldfish Control Panel through either the Your Numbers tab (for Irish numbers) or UK numbering.  The video below talks you through how to do it.

MyGoldfish Control Panel

Easily manage your Goldfish business phone system with our easy-to-use Control Panel.

Here is an introductory walkthrough of the MyGoldfish Control Panel. This is the main dashboard where customers can manage their entire organisation’s phone system.

Access it remotely to add new numbers, change routing, access call recordings and much more.  You can do it all through our Control Panel. Click here to login to the MyGoldfish Control Panel

  • Manage your Irish VoIP phone numbers, change routing and set up voicemail-to-email.
  • Access your call recordings
  • Configure your IVR digital receptionist IVR
  • Sign up for your Virtual Receptionist
  • Access your Profile and change your account setting.

And much more…….

Not sure about what VoIP is, then check out our article what is VoIP?

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Remote working, made easier

Goldfish’s cloud telecoms features enable organisations to easily implement remote working. With our VoIP services can now work remotely  as easily as if you were working in the office – it is the must have tool for remote workers. All our features provide you with geographic freedom and mobility, so that you can access and use them the same, irrelevant of where you are located.


Be in the office even when you are out. All of Goldfish’s VoIP phone numbers can  be answered from any location. Be it your main phone number or your direct line; all calls be answered or transfered to you as if you were in the office. You can also make outgoing calls on your lines from any location. It is one of the big benefits of VoIP. It means that you can answer lines direct from anywhere, without having to forward them on to your mobile and incur the cost of a mobile call.  Continue reading “Remote working, made easier”

Goldfish Life: Pearts Solicitors and Town Agents

Pearts Solicitors and town agents

At Goldfish we help companies all over the world communicate better by using the internet for all their phone calls and, called cloud telecoms. Our technology enables companies to operate more efficiently, have flexibility in where and when they handle their phone calls and helps them cut their costs. One sector where we are expanding, is professional services such as legal firms, insurance companies and accountants.

We spoke to Aylish Morrissey, who is the accountant at the legal firm Pearts, to find out how the company benefits from being a Goldfish customer. Pearts have been a customer for a few years now, so we asked Aylish about life at Pearts before Goldfish and how we’ve helped them improve how they work.

What made you upgrade your old phone on-site system?

Continue reading “Goldfish Life: Pearts Solicitors and Town Agents”