Changing your time-of-day and out-of-hours routing

time of day routing

Here’s how Goldfish customers can change their time-of-day and out-of-hours routing.


You can amend the time of day routing of all your calls in your Routing Wizard. Time of day routing can be set for each stage of the routing.

Each time you add a step in the routing you get the opportunity to set the time of day routing. This allows you to tailor when you routing will happen. For instance your virtual landline may be set to divert to you mobile and here you can restrict work calls to only divert via office hours.


Out of hours routing allows you to set up different routing for when your company is closed. This can set up through the ‘Out of hours routing’ tab in your Control Panel.

Here you can set the Goldfish numbers that the out of hours routing should be set for.

A feature included in our ‘Out of hours call routing’ service allows you to automatically set public holidays in the jurisdiction where the numbers are based. This saves our customers having to change them for bank holidays. It also allows those customers with offices in Ireland and the UK to set the feature for their respective public holidays.   


If you need assistance with any setting up any of the features and services above then please do not hesitate to call the Goldfish Support Team on 015547888 by email or you can raise a Support Ticket here.


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