Call recordings are now a vital part of many businesses. Some organisations have to keep call recordings for regulatory reasons, whilst others use them to monitor compliance, maintain standards or simply to keep an audio record of what was agreed with a customer. They have proven invaluable on many occasions.

The ability to add call recording to your account for all incoming and outgoing calls has been available for Goldfish customers for some time. The feature can be customised to suit an organisations individual requirements, such as being set to record only incoming or only outgoing calls and can be set for individuals extensions as required.

Call recordings can be retained for one year or six years, as required. The cost is €20 per month and €50 per month respectively.

You can find out more details on how to our call recording features on our main website here.

GDPR and call recordings

Under GDPR customers can make a request for all the data that an organisation has on them and this includes call recordings (call recordings are classed as data). They can also request that any data on them be deleted.

In order to make it easier for our customers to adhere to these requests we have made some additions to our call recording features. It is now easier for our customers to find recordings and delete them. You can now search for, filter, and bulk delete, call recordings.

How to delete call recordings for a specific customer
Here are instructions how to search for and delete call recordings for a specific client/customer.
1.  To access your call recordings sign into your MyGoldfish control panel and click on the ‘Call recording’ tab on the left-hand column – pictured above.
Goldfish call recording

2. Once opened you will see a screen similar to the one above, which has a list of call recordings in the middle.

The blue boxes on the right allow you to listen to or download individual recordings.

3. We have now added a feature that lets you search for a specific customer.

You will see the ‘Filter Results’ box on the left in the purple bubble. Enter the phone number of the customer in the ‘Number’ box. The ‘Extension’ box lets you search by company extension, but if you want to list call to all extensions then leave this box as ‘Show All’. You can then either search by month or add a custom date. Then click ‘Filter’.

4. You will now be presented with a list of all the Call Recordings for that specific phone number. The column in the yellow bubble is the tabs that need to be ticked to delete the call recordings listed. If you want to delete all the call recordings, then tick the tab at the top and it will automatically select all those listed. To delete the recordings tick the ‘Delete Selected’ tab in the red bubble on the left.

5. As a fail-safe, all deleted Call Recordings are temporarily added to the folder Deleted Recording (in the green bubble) for 7 days. This allows you to restore any recordings that you delete in error. If you need to restore any, just tick the box on the left of the recording and click ‘Restore Selected’.

If you need any assistance with call recording then please call our Support Team on 015547888 (press 1 for Support) or email


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