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You can be as happy as this man if you set up your Goldfish account correctly.

So you’ve chosen your new phone numbers and completed the set up of your account by adding payment details and credit for the first month. Thank you!

Now you are ready to start using your new Goldfish account and cloud telecoms features.  Here is a check list of the initial things we recommend you do in order to finalise the set up of your account, so that you can benefit from all the free features that it comes packed with.

1. Are you porting your existing phone numbers to Goldfish?

In Ireland you own the rights to your existing phone number/s, so you can take it/them with you if you change phone companies. Transferring your numbers to us is quick and simple to do,  for more details on porting please click here.

2. Decide on how you are going to access our your phone services

Most people still use handsets/deskphones. You will need compatible VoIP phones though, we are afraid old copper-wired handsets won’t work. We sell a great range of Grandstream and Gigaset phones, which can be delivered to you the next working day.

cloud phone

You also have choice of VoIP mobile phone apps, softphones such as the 3CX for Windows and our cloud phone called the Babelphone  to make and receive calls on. These ensure that you can receive calls even if you are out of the office because calls to your number can follow you, meaning you can answer you office phone no matter where you are. You need never miss a call again.

3.Set Up Your Routing

Once you have set up a handset then you need to ensure your routing is set so that if you can’t answer your deskphone, or are out of WIFI, then your calls are forwarded to another number. You have the flexibility to send to a colleague, a Hunt Group, to your mobile or your voicemail. You will find the Routing Wizard by the clicking on  your phone number in the Your Number section of your MyGoldfish control panel.

4. Add an email for voicemail

One of the free great features that comes with a Goldfish account is the ability to get all your voicemails emailed to you. This ensures you never miss voicemail even if you are away from your desk. Voicemail message are attached as an MP3 to an email that is automatically sent to you. In the Your Number section of your MyGoldfish control panel, scroll down to voicemail to email, which is near the bottom under your Call Routing (see above image).

5. Configure Your Voicemail

To add a personal greeting and check your voicemail messages just dial 8000 from any enabled device. You can delete message through this phone feature or through the ‘Voicemail Online’ tab in your MyGoldfish Control Panel.

6. Think about adding a Call Plan

If you didn’t choose a call when you registered then you will be on the pay-as-you-go call plan. Which is fine if you are new company and not immediately expecting a high volume of calls, but if you are existing company then it is worth speaking to as adding a call plan. These are set prices that you pay for a bundle of mobile minutes that will reduce the per minute call price you pay. The more minutes your need the lower the price. We also have unlimited landline packages available.

7. Other Services

Goldfish also offers additional great services and features to help you work more efficiently and smartly. We have CRM integrations for Zoho and Salesforce, so that you and your colleagues can make and receive all their calls from within their CRM – see here.

We also offer full call recording; our Call Director virtual switchboard IVR service, our smart dialler and live stats for sales teams and Quvu our full contact centre management service for both inbound and outbound call centres.

8. Additional Features

We don’t want to overload you with information, so you can find a full list of details on our features such as Hunt Groups, Three-Way-calling, Call Delivery Assurance and many more here: Goldfish’s features.


Lastly, it helps to familiarise yourself with the Control Panel, as most of your account can be managed from within it 24 hours day.

We also have an extensive Help section on our website to assist you – click here.

We appreciate that if you have not used a cloud telecoms service before then the range of options can be confusing. So if you need any help then please contact our Support Team on 015547888 or email Our lines are open 9am to 5.30pm Monday to Friday.




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