cloud phone

With the Babelphone, our new cloud phone you can make and receive all calls on VoIP landline number with only a web-browser. You  no longer have to be tied to a handset on your desk or waste time downloading and configuring softphones. Now all you need to make and receive from anywhere on your numbers is access to the internet.

True hotdesking or remote-working can now be a reality thanks to our fully web-based phone. All you need to do to access you number is open Google Chrome and login. You can be answering or making calls within a few seconds. It could not be easier. You can use a desktop, laptop tablet or even mobile, which you choose to use is entirely up to you as long as you have access to the Google Chrome web-browser. It could now simpler.

Try the Babelphone today via this url:

If you are not currently a Goldfish customer and would like to sign up for number, for only €5 a month, then please click here.

Sign up is very simple and quick to do. Once completed your Goldfish username and password will be automatically emailed to you. Your new Goldfish number is ready to use immediately via the Babelphone.