You may have heard the term ‘Cloud PBX’ or been recommended that your move your business to a cloud telecom system. But what is a Cloud PBX you may ask? Here we outline what a Cloud PBX is and the features it has that can benefit your organisation.

What is a PBX?

A ‘PBX’ is a traditional telecoms term, which means Private Branch Exchange. In the past this referred to the telephone system that was hardwired within an organisation i.e. the switchboard and phone wires connected to the phones around the office (see below).

cloud pbx

This type of system is now obsolete and has been overtaken by  VoIP telecoms technology, which offers a host of new smart features that improve the running of your business.

What is about a Cloud PBX?

The ‘Cloud’ in ‘Cloud PBX’ means that companies can get access to a phone system through The Cloud i.e. all the features are hosted, stored and accessed online. They are what is called ‘fully hosted’, which means companies like Goldfish operate them on our own network and provide services to our users over the internet. It is still called a PBX because we still route calls to users within their organisations and they can still call their colleagues for free, it is just the new evolution of a PBX.

By using The Cloud the costs of a PBX are greatly reduced. The beauty of it for companies is that they do not need to install or maintain any onsite hardware. Nowadays people don’t even need handsets, you can use cloud phone software and apps.  But most people still opt for VoIP handset. In return they get access to a range of new features outlined below.

Features of a Cloud PBX

cloud pbx


You can choose how you want to make and receive calls. It can be via a handset, app, softphone or our new cloud that allows you make calls from with your internet browser

If you are out of the office you can take your office landline number with you, meaning you never have to miss a call. You can even still makes call on your office number when you are out of the office. With a VoIP office phone you can plug it into any internet connection and it work as if it was in your office, including transferring calls to colleagues.

Moving office? No hassle, just take your phones with your and plug them into the internet in your new place; they work the same without any changes or updates needed.

Reduce Risk 

Switching to a cloud PBX protects your business from unforeseen circumstances. It gives business owners peace of mind that should your office need to close due to an emergency, such as bad weather, power cut, or a fire, then your staff can work remotely and all your office numbers can be routed to them for in order to continue making and receiving outgoing calls.

There is no need for you to stop operating your business i.e. during Hurricane Ophelia Goldfish’s HQ was closed, but we remained fully operational with all staff working from home. And, because you have no on-site hardware, should anything happens to your office then your phone system still functions.

Full call recordings ensure you have access to MP3s of all your calls, which are stored encrypted in The Cloud for safekeeping in a fully-searchable database. So you have access to them in case there is a dispute in the future over what was said or agreed with your any of your staff or customers. Your legal team will thank you for this; they love this feature.

Improve Performance


These days all your systems need to be intregrated. This speeds up processes and improve the collecation of information. You can seamlessly integrate your phone systems with your CRM system. Click-To-Dial allows you yo make calls from within your CRM. Our writeback API allows our system to update fields in your CRM.

Listen to and assist on live calls to helping improve training and quality control. A live wallboard allows you to see data in real-time on your calls and the status of your employees, including those in different offices or remote workers (anywhere in the world).

Our Smart Dialler allows you to maximise the efficiency of your calls and speeds up the process by dialling targets on behalf of your staff and lining calls up for them. In ‘Predictive Mode’ it also analyses the call handling speed and adjusts itself so the number of calls it places matches the speed of your staff on any particular day,

Professional Image

The phone can often be the first point of contact someone has with your company. How this call is handled can have a lasting impression, so you want it to be dealt with in the most professional way possible.  So you look good and the customer feels good. Our ‘Call Director’ IVR ensures calls are greeted in a professional manner and their calls are routed swiftly to the department that they require. Additional features such as Smart Queues and Hunt Groups ensure that their call is answered quickly. Or routed to you if you are out of the office.

Expanding is easy 

The number of users of lines you can have on your account is limitless and new numbers can be added immediately, so you have the peace of mind that your can expand quickly and will never outgrow our service.

Manage Costs

The beauty of a cloud PBX is you don’t have to buy or maintain on-site equipment, so there are no set up or maintenance costs. There is no line rental to pay, because there are no lines. As all calls are routed through the internet then the per minute costs of the calls are much lower than traditional phone companies and mobile providers. There is also free support from our headquarters in Ireland.

No Contracts

We operate on a month-to-month basis, so you are not tied to a long-term contract.

Keep Your Numbers

Their is more  good news – did you know you can keep all your existing numbers and simply transfer them to Goldfish? Well you can. The process is call ‘porting’ and easy to do. It can be done within a few hours and we ensure there no break in service.


Sounds good? If you’d like to take the first step towards to updating your phone system you can sign up for an account here. And download a Porting Form to transfer your numbers here.

Got any questions? Or just like to some more information? Then please give us a call on 015547888 or email