Guest Blog: How to implement remote working  

CEO Abodoo

By Sue Marshall, CEO, Abodoo.

Abodoo is a new Irish start-up which matches remote workers with companies looking to fill remote or flexible roles. Check out their glowing write up in Silicon Republic here – Irish start-up Abodoo hopes to benefit from remote workers around the world.

 Let’s hand you over to Sue….

We recognise that each organisation is different and what works regarding remote working for one business may not work for another, but we have a toolkit of proven implementation methods to share with you. Here are some of the considerations.

1. Plan your implementation first.

It can be a big change, so don’t jump in without knowing how you are going to implement remote working and why you believe it will work for your organisation.

2. Consult Staff

It is important to ask people what they think first. Get decision makers on board and consult with existing staff. See who’s interested and why. Find out what would give them the greatest level of job satisfaction – remember not everyone wants to work at home.

3. Clarify Performance

Be clear about how you are going to track performance and what you expect from people? This may be different from for home or hub-based workers. If it is why? Clearly explain to potential homeworkers any new performance indicators that they will be judged on.

4. Clarify Communications

Have a clear strategy on how remote workers are going to be communicated with by managers and why i.e. for support, motivation, as well reporting or signing in and how work will be delivered.

5. Be prepared for change

Different ways of working may be needed to facilitate a homeworking  in your business or to allow you to attract remote workers.

6. Ensures Systems are Remote-Ready

This applies both to the technology that will be used and business processes. Is the remote worker’s broadband sufficient for business use? This needs to be tested. Something so obvious as this can often be overlooked.

Also, what workforce management tools will be used to communicate with co-workers. Instant messaging and collaboration tools are a better way to communication with remote workers than email, but they can also be distracting, so you need to ensure everyone is happy using them and set out clear guidelines for their use. Don’t leave your operations managers out of the loop.

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About Abodoo

Abodoo is an intuitive platform which matches talent to careers.  Real careers, not low level, zero-hour contracts.  Real talent, Programmers, HR specialists, Finance Managers, Recruiters, CEO’s and more.  Talent from junior roles through to high achieving professionals.  They all have one thing in common – they want to work SMART.  They want to work in a more flexible way.  And your reward, as an employer is a loyal, dependable, skilled and motivated employee who is potentially more productive. (case studies state between 13 and 30% more productive).   Abodoo offers employers advice, help and information – tailored to their businesses on the key steps and processes needed to make Smart Working work for them.  We can then help you to find the talent and offer advice, information, webinars and help as both you and they embark on a smart working career and model.

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