14th November, 2017, Dublin, Ireland: Irish telecoms firm, Goldfish, today released the Babelphone, their new cloud phone. It is a new type of phone that allows calls to be made directly from within a web-browser. The Babelphone is the first cloud phone, or browser-based phone, of its kind to be developed by an Irish company.

Designed by Goldfish, as an alternative to traditional softphones, the Babelphone simplifies how the Wicklow-based company’s customers make and receive phone calls.  Some of the larger companies they work with have requested a cloud-based phone that can be accessed by their staff from anywhere, without the need for download and configuration.  The result is the Babelphone, which can be accessed via a simple link, to quickly and conveniently make and receive calls through a web-browser.  All calls are encrypted within Goldfish’s network.

Gordon O’Neil, CEO of Goldfish says: “We work with companies to develop our technology to fit their changing work practices. Many of our larger customers no longer use handsets and are moving towards being fully cloud-based. Others want to implement hot-desking, to streamline their working practices and save on office costs. The problem with traditional softphones is they make change difficult because they are desktop-based. Now, with the Babelphone, our customers can access their phones through a web-browser, so their staff can make calls within a few seconds. As with all bespoke technology that we develop, we will be making it available to all our customers.”

To use the Babelphone all that’s needed is a virtual VoIP phone number from Goldfish – which is €5 + vat per month. Outbound calls are charged per minute. The link to use the phone is: https://www.goldfish.ie/babelphone

The Babelphone will also be fully incorporated into Quvu, Goldfish’s call centre management software.

The name was chosen because both the founders of Goldfish used to work together at Babelgum, the online video streaming platform. The Babelphone was originally beta-tested under the name Babelfish, taken from the translation fish in The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. However, the name had to be tweaked for the final launch after some customers mistakenly thought Goldfish’s new phone could actually translate their conversations!

 Please contact Simon Palmer at Goldfish.ie if you would like to test the Babelphone on 01 687 6996 or email simon.palmer@goldfish.ie. For more details see https://www.goldfish.ie

 About Goldfish.ie (Goldfish Telecom):  Founded in 2010 and based in Greystones, County Wicklow, Goldfish is a cloud telecoms company that provides VoIP technology and Quvu, its tele-sales/call-centre software, to businesses across the world. Their technology allows companies to move from traditional telecoms’ system to a fully web-based service. This enables businesses to implement a flexible telecoms strategy, so their people can work from anywhere; while also reducing their risk, and lower their costs. The simplifies and streamlines the management of staff that handle both outbound or inbound calls, across multiple locations. It includes a smart dialer that uses AI to boot sales by increasing volumes of successfully connected calls in tele-sales campaigns. Customers include large multi-national corporations such as Dropbox, IDG Direct and the Sisk Group, to high potential start-ups such as Dublin company Boxever.