Say “thank you for great customer service” ….. with beer

great customer service

Beer? They know us so well.

Good customer service is not about how you help people, but how you treat them. We are a business-to-business telecoms firm, so our customers are busy individuals and often call us when they are stressed and need to get an issue sorted quickly. Our support engineers are IT professionals with a great deal of technical knowledge, but they have also been trained to understand and empathise with customers, taking control of the issue, reassuring them and getting the support query answered professional and swiftly.

Lisa Kernan physiotherapist

Some issues are more complicated than others and require insight from a number of our engineers, that have expertise in different areas of technology. So it is always nice when  our great support engineers,  get a thank you from our customers and even better when it comes in the form of a box of beers. And premium beers too, not your run of the mill ‘cooking lager’ – only the best for our boys 🙂

A big thank you to our new favourite customer Lisa Kernan of Lisa Kernan and Associates. She had an issue which related to part of her IT system blocking access to a service and even though it related to her internal company system, our engineers took the time to assess what the problem could be, run tests and identify the issue, which was then outlined to Lisa how it could be solved, even though it was not a part of our system, network or service.

Some other telecoms providers might have stopped when they realised it was not an issue with their system, however, that would not have helped Lisa and would’ve meant she’d then have to deal with her IT company from scratch. We are not fans of business speak, but it is what people mean when they talk about “added service” or “going the extra-mile”. We wanted Lisa to get access to our services and were able to isolate the issue to her firewall blocking access. She still had to deal with her IT system to get it sorted, but it meant she was armed with the knowledge of what needed addressing and how it could done. Thus ensuring a quick solution to the issue.

Operating from Clontarf and Santry, Lisa Kernan is a Chartered Physiotherapist specialising in manual therapy, hydrotherapy and sports injuries. Check her out here