Wonder of the Week: Shadowman Sports

shadowmanWe supply business telecoms to huge variety of customers, so we like to promote othem and help their businesses wherever we can. One way we do this is by featuring them in our Wonder of the Week, where we focus on a different customer each week and tell people what they are about.

Our current Wonder of the Week is Shadowman Sports, the creators of the tackling dummy that called the Shadownan. Designed by Limerick man JP Hartigan, the Shadowman is designed to help sports people train whist reducing the need for player on player tacking, and thus helping reduce injuries.

In 2010, Shadowman’s CEO, Hartigan, was in the final year of a Product Design and Technology degree at the University of Limerick. He spotted a problem associated with sports where there is a lot of tackling, such as rugby and American Football; injuries were increasing as was the size of the players, so the force of collision was higher. However, the technology was keeping pace . So he set about finding a way that would allow sports people to practise tackling, but without the need for player-on-player collisions.

The solution is the Shadowman, which is a two man tackling system: the first player is harnessed to the Shadowman dummy and runs with Shawoman dragging behind, whilst the second player tackles the dummy. The Shadowman has three different tackling zones, designed to give players more accuracy. Once tackled the dummy detaches from it’s mount. Both players get separate workouts: the first player gets sprint and strength training from dragging the dummy, whilst the second player gets tackling practise, but with a greatly reduced risk of injury.

Check out the video below to see the Shadowman in operation.

Based in the The University of Limerick’s Nexus Innovation Centre, Shadowman Sports now also has an office in San Francisco and employs 24 people. The Shadowman is already being used by over 1,250 American Football clubs across the U.S.

Want to know more? Check out the Shadowmansports.com website. Contact details for both the Irish and US offices are here.

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