The death of the fax machine, the birth of the digital fax

In 1990 Canon was the ‘big gun’ in faxing : )

(I guarantee that ‘The big gun is number 1’ song will now be stuck in your head.)

You probably thought the fax machine was already dead. Apparently not. Well it is in the traditional sense, instead of using those big slow clunky fax machines, nowadays companies send digital faxes

So who still sends and receives faxes in 2016? More companies than you would think. It’s to do with the legal status of faxes, as opposed to email. They’re still considered legally binding as they can be signed, in the same way paper copies can. Whereas email is not considered as secure and could be written by anyone. Legal firms still use them to send signed contracts, as do recruitment agencies and insurance companies. Even PR companies still email media releases in order to stand out from the crowd, so instead of going into a journalists in-box they can guarantee their contact is going to see the media release (even it is only on the way to the wastepaper bin).

Though nowadays companies do not still have people standing at slow and clunky fax machines, instead they send digital faxes

What’s an electronic fax? Well, in the same way email replaced mail (i.e. paper post) digital faxes have replaced old hard copy faxes. The way it works is you get a virtual fax number from which you can send and receive faxes. You simply add the fax number to this email address and attach the document you want to fax to the email.  To the recipient it looks as if they have received an traditional fax, they just get the attachment and not an email. If it is sent to a traditional fax machine then it is received as a hard copy document, or if sent to another virtual fax number, then the recipient gets the fax emailed to them, in the same way you do when an receiving a digital fax.

There’s also something very grown up about having a fax number. It’s the same way you feel if you ever have to write a cheque. It makes a new business feel more legitimate and looks more official. People often call us for an virtual fax number  a.k.a fax-to-email when they’re setting up their business, so they can have a fax number for the website and business card  because they see it as making their business look more professional. They’re right too, it does.

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