Business telecoms firm is asking companies to ‘Sack The Suit’ in aid of St Vincent de Paul

DropBox is the first business to join the campaign to modernise dress codes and donate unwanted work clothes to charity

Pieter Jannssens, Dropbox's Head of Mid-Market Sales, Central and Northern Europe with Nichola Mullen, Head of Fundraising for St Vincent de Paul and Gordon O'Neill, found and CEO of telecoms firm and Dropbox's mascot 'Panda'  in Dropbox's European Headquarters in Dublin for the launch of the 'Sack The Suit' charity campaign, in aid of The Society of St Vincent de Paul. Pic Patrick O’Leary No Repro Fee.
Pieter Jannssens, Dropbox’s Head of Mid-Market Sales, Central and Northern Europe with Nichola Mullen, Head of Fundraising for St Vincent de Paul and Gordon O’Neill, Founder and CEO of telecoms firm and Dropbox’s mascot ‘Panda’ in Dropbox’s European Headquarters in Dublin for the launch of the ‘Sack The Suit’ charity campaign, in aid of The Society of St Vincent de Paul.

15th August, 2016; Dublin, Ireland: With Ireland having an unusually warm summer, we are seeing people across the country sweltering at work in their traditional office attire of suits, ties and formal dresses. Thankfully help is at hand from Irish business telecoms firm, who are asking companies to modernise their dress-codes, by ditching rules that require staff to wear formal business clothes, and donating them to charity instead.

Catchily entitled ‘SACK THE SUIT’, the campaign is being launched across Ireland today. It calls for men and women alike to raid their wardrobe and donate their unwanted clothes to a good cause, the Society of St Vincent de Paul (SVP). The first company to join the campaign is leading file storage firm DropBox, who have already adopted an informal dress-code at their headquarters in Dublin and have just completed a clothes’ collection in aid of SVP. helps companies cut their telecoms bills by moving them to a modern cloud-based telephone system. As well as helping companies modernise their phone systems, they are now asking them to modernise their work practices too, starting with their outdated dress-codes. Goldfish has already adopted its own relaxed dress-code, which has led to a boost in morale, increased productivity and reduced staff turnover. There has never been a better time to ‘SACK THE SUIT’.

5 reasons why your company should ‘Sack The Suit’:

1. suits and ties strangle creative thinking and harm business development; to be creative your staff need to be relaxed and they can’t do that dressed as stiffs;

2. formal attire is hot to work in and can be uncomfortable, which leads to a drop in productivity;

3. it’s good for recruitment: staff like to be in companies where they are treated like adults, instead of forced to dress like school kids; you’ll find it easier to hire the best people and staff turnover will be reduced;

4. a modern dress-code can kick-start a modern mindset and approach to business; with so many international companies now based in Ireland, local companies need to adapt to compete; and finally,

5. it’s win-win situation: as well as being good for your business it can also benefit a worthy charity.

Gordon O’Neill says: “Being a modern company is not just about having modern products or services; you also need to have modern working practices. Too often Ireland is seen as being behind the times or slow to catch up – this needs to change. At we have a very relaxed approach to our dress code, so my suits were just gathering dust and taking up space. So I sacked my suits and now I’m asking companies to do the same and sack their suits too. As well as helping Ireland modernise we will also be benefiting a great cause.”

‘Sack Suit’ has been included in the Dropbox for Good initiative, the firm’s ongoing charity programme, which also includes donating Dropbox business accounts to non-profit organisations.

Commenting on’s ‘Sack The Suit’ campaign Pieter Janssens, Head of Mid-Market Sales, Central and Northern Europe for Dropbox, said: “It was a real pleasure to contribute to this SVP campaign. It’s no secret that the dress code in the tech industry these days is a far cry from formal. So we have had a great response for the Dropbox employees who have been bringing in bags and bags of clothes over the past week.

“Working in such a successful company with a great working environment, it can be easy to take things for granted. Campaigns like “Sack the Suit” are so important, to ensure we are giving back and contributing to a cause that can really make a difference.”

To join SACK THE SUIT call on 016876996 and they will send you SVP sacks.

For further details, please contact Simon Palmer at on 01 687 6996 or

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