2014 Going Swimmingly for Goldfish.ie As It Nets Feed Henry and the Digital Marketing Institute

Irish Voip firm also had a successful 2013 as revenues up by 77% 2013 and clients increased by 40%  

7th May, 2014; Dublin, Ireland: Wicklow-based cloud telecoms firm Goldfish.ie is looking forward  to another successful year after being appointed by both Feed Henry, the app development company, and also the Digital Marketing Institute in Dublin (see below). The company continues to operate within the buoyant business-VoiP sector as more organisations move to cloud-based technology for their telephones. With clients increasing by 40% in 2013, leading to a 77% boost in revenue, Goldfish.ie has grown consistently each year since the firm was founded in 2010.

Last summer Goldfish.ie were chosen to provide telecoms services to IDG Direct’s HQ in Dublin, as well being appointed as a preferred supplier to the Nexus Innovation Centre, at the University of Limerick. Another client, construction firm John Sisk & Son, also used Goldfish.ie’s telecoms technology in two of Europe’s biggest development projects: Diageo’s new €15m St. James’s brewery, and Europe’s tallest skyscraper The Shard in London.

Goldfish.ie’s technology has continued to attract clients due to several key benefits over traditional telecoms services. They can provide instant access to phone services without the need to install an expensive on-site exchange. Cloud-technology also allows clients access to more services, thus allowing them greater flexibility and mobility at a much lower cost, than suppliers such as Eircom.

Gordon O’Neill, Managing Director of Goldfish.ie, outlined what he sees as the key to their success: “it is encouraging that the cloud telecoms sector continues to grow. VoiP is the natural choice for companies like Feed Henry, with more organisations like them starting to realise the benefits.  With a cloud-based system they can get a flexible and professional service without all the additional overheads and call costs you get with a traditional phone company. Set up is instant, they can have a number from any country and can instantly transfer their existing numbers to a new office when they move. Plus, tariffs up to 60% cheaper than Eircom.”

All of Goldfish.ie’s services are provided through the Cloud. They focus on five key areas that support their clients’ requirements:

  1. 1.      Instant set-up – numbers can be assigned immediately. No need to wait for an engineer to come and fit an exchange or connect the phone lines.
  2. 2.      Flexibility – allowing businesses to be mobile so that they can adapt to changing market conditions easily, either growing or stream-lining. Firms only have to unplug their phones and take their numbers with them when they move offices to anywhere in the world.
  3. 3.      Professional Image – providing reliable corporate telecommunications, regardless of the size and structure of the organisation, with a host of start-of-the-art cloud-based services. 
  4. 4.      Reduced Costs – no expensive on-site phone system hardware is needed and there are no line rental costs. National, mobile and international calls charges are also considerably lower than traditional telecoms providers.
  5. Tech-Support – Good support is key, so we’ve a large, experienced team available during business hours, to talk our customers through their queries, quickly and efficiently.

For further details contact Simon Palmer of Republic PR on 0851341761 or simon@republicpr.ie


Feed Henry – feedhenry.com

Waterford-headquartered cloud and mobile software company Feed Henry, cited flexibility and costs as being behind their decision to choose Goldfish.ie’s services. James Mernin, Feed Henry’s X explains: “as a start-up with international staff we were already regularly users of VoiP, so it wasn’t a huge change of us. The decision was originally brought about when we were going to be charged €5,000 euro for an on-site telephone exchange, plus maintenance costs. Moving to Goldfish.ie was quick and easy to set up – it’s a very slick operation.

“The flexibility of Goldfish.ie’s systems allows us to provide Irish, UK or US numbers to any of our staff, which reduces costs for both us and also our clients in those locations. For instance I’ve assigned our CEO in Boston a Waterford number so when I talk to him from our headquarters I’m only charged the cost of a local call. ”

The Digital Marketing Institute (DMI) – digitalmarketinginstitute.ie

The Dublin-based college provides masters courses and diplomas in digital marketing and social media marketing. It offers both full-time and part-time courses, which can be taken at its locations in Dun Laoghaire or London or remotely online. The DMI were with another cloud-base telecoms provider before they switched to Goldfish.ie.ie and cited their superior technical support and response procedures as a key factor in the reason for their switch.

Grainne Daly the Student Services Administrator outlined the reasons in more detail: “our staff found the previous supplier very frustrating. We had to email in our problems and couldn’t get to speak to someone. This greatly delayed the solving of our issues. Even though the two services were, on the face of it, priced similarly, when you add up the downtime and time spent trying to solve the issues, it worked out much more costly. They were also always trying to get us to upgrade to a more expensive service, using the excuse that we were on a lower grade – hence they basically treated us like second class citizens.

“With Goldfish.ie we can ring straight away with any issues. Their support team are friendly and talk us through our issues over the phone in order to trouble shoot what the problem is. It generally means the problems are solved much quicker and gives us peace of mind that if we raise an issue then it won’t be detrimental to our business. It’s nice that they don’t keep trying to sell other services to us too.”

About Goldfish.ie (Goldfish Telecoms)

Goldfish.ie was founded in 2010 by Gordon O’Neill, a graduate of DCU with 14 years’ experience working in the technology and telecommunications sector. Prior to founding Goldfish.ie he was Director of I.T. Operations at Babelgum (Babel Networks) and was previously employed at LPIS, Chhabra International Ltd and Eurologic Systems. For further information please see: http://ie.linkedin.com/in/oneillgordon

Goldfish.ie’s Services

The technology available via Goldfish.ie. allows a host of additional features and services, many of which cannot be provided by a traditional supplier such as Eircom, thus providing a professional and flexible service.  These include:

  • Call Recording: calls are stored in an online searchable database for up to six years
  • Call Director: commonly known as ‘IVR’ i.e. “press 1 for sales, 2 for accounts..”etc
  • Hunt Groups: calls are routed to multiple phones at the same time for first pick up; phones can be a different desks or locations
  • Time Of Day Routing: where a call is automatically routed to a different number/s out-of-hours
  • Voicemail to email; Call Delivery Assurance and other advanced features that ensure companies are in control of their telecoms at all times

For more details please see http://www.Goldfish.ie