sign up the Digital Marketing Institute. No ratings yet. is continuing to grow its client base with new organisations in Ireland. More and businesses are realising the amounts they can save with a cloud-based telecoms system. This awareness is growing as more and more areas around the country get access to high- speed broadband. One of our new clients is the Digital Marketing Institute.

Digital Marketing Institute

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Newstalk / The Right Hook’s technology experts recommend No ratings yet.

Every week on Newstalk, George Hook’s show The Right Hook has a technology slot where the stations resident technology expert Jonathan McCrae reviews new services, gadgets, apps or any aspect of new technology.

This week he talked about setting up a business and some services that were available that can help businesses keep their costs down. He recommended for any new firms wanting a low cost business telecoms services. Good old George seemed impressed too!

You can listen to the clip in full below

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