Case Study: John Sisk & Sons

We recently won construction firm John Sisk & Sons Ltd as client. Their company is a construction contractors with sites all over the UK. They are employed on some of the most high profile building developments in Europe and are using our technology on their sites. Below is a case study that outlines the difference’s technology is making to their business.

Gordon O’Neill with Ger Healy of Sisk’s
Gordon O’Neill with Ger Healy of Sisk’s

Case Study – John Sisk & Son (Holdings) Ltd

John Sisk & Son (Holdings) Ltd, a member of the SISK Group, is an international construction company headquartered in Ireland. Prior to using the company had to fit physical telephone systems at the outset of every construction site that they were working on. Depending on the size of the project this could cost anything between €5k to €15k each time. One such project is the development of Diageo’s new €153m brewhouse at St James’s Gate, where John Sisk & Son have installed 70 desk phones for staff on site, which would’ve been a huge cost and undertaking without Goldfish’s technology. The technology is also being used on another high profile development in London, where the company is building Europe’s first Shangri-La Hotel at the top of Europe’s tallest skyscraper, Renzo Piano’s ‘Shard of Glass overlooking the Thames.

At the outset of Goldfish’s appointment by John Sisk & Son the objective was to standardise telephony across all their construction sites. The solution had to be scalable, easy to deploy, cost effective and re-usable.  The ability to re-use equipment was particularly important to the company as construction teams would move from site to site as projects were completed.

Goldfish’s solution met all their requirements: now when requested by site management teams, each new site is equipped with an internet phone on each desk (there is no expensive on-site phone system); each phone is preconfigured with its own dedicated local number and internal extension and once connected to a network point they are operational immediately.

The company’s phones are installed on sites throughout the country, but are managed centrally by the I.T. Department, which has total control of all the phones in every site, through a simple web interface.

The nature of the company’s work means there is continual movement between short-term sites. In the past huge costs were associated with fitting what were effectively permanent phone systems. Now when a project is finished the phones can be shipped to a new site and reused.  They can even be reconfigured with new local numbers remotely with no intervention from the end user.

As no on-site phone systems are required, the capital cost savings are significant.  In addition, there is no phone line rental and all calls between the sites that have installed the Goldfish solution are free.  Call charges are significantly cheaper than those that were incurred by sites that were using traditional landline services. The move to a hosted system, which is based in the cloud, was a natural step to take for the company.