saves Irish businesses a nasty bite from telecoms sharks

Gordon O'Neill Founder of Goldfish
Gordon O’Neill Founder of Goldfish

Media Release: Irish firms can save over 50% on telephone bills simply by             switching from Eircom to’s internet-based telecoms’ services

11th January, 2013; Dublin, Ireland:, the Irish telecoms provider, says Irish businesses can make large savings on telephone bills simply by using internet-based technology. The Wicklow based company is Ireland’s only dedicated provider of over the internet telephone services to businesses. Since its launch in 2010 the company’s services have cut the telephone costs of firms across Ireland by at least 30% and some have even saved over 50% off their Eircom business bills.’s low costs are possible due to the significant savings secured by providing an efficient 100% cloud-hosted service. All their clients need is a reliable broadband Internet connection.’s tariffs are 60% cheaper for Irish local or national landlines or and also UK and US international calls, when compared with Eircom business tariffs. Irish mobiles tariffs are significantly cheaper especially when considering there is no call set up charge. Goldfish’s clients also benefit as they no longer have to pay line rental or maintain their own phone systems. For a typical SME this can amount to savings of thousands of euro a year.

Gordon O’Neill, Managing Director of said: “With the simple technology available to Irish organisations today, there is no longer any need for them to be tied to large line rental costs and expensive business tariffs. All they need is a reliable broadband connection in order to secure savings of up to 60% on call charges. About 80% of Irish businesses still pay expensive business bills to Eircom, so there are huge savings to be made. In the current recession, with the high quality of technology that is available, it makes simple common sense for businesses to make the switch. These savings and the unique features we offer, can give companies a real competitive advantage.”

Since it launched, has been building up an impressive client base, including: John Sisk & Son Ltd, Ireland’s largest construction company (see case study below); Perfect Card, the store card providers to shopping centres such as Dundrum Town Centre; and redtree Recruitment, the executive search company.

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Notes to editors

Case Study – are designated as a ‘key supplier’ for John Sisk & Son Ltd’s construction sites

John Sisk & Son, a member of the SISK Group, is an international construction company headquartered in Ireland. Prior to using they had to fit physical telephone systems at the outset of every construction site that they we were working on. Depending on the size of the project these costs could be significant.

One such project is the development of Diageo’s new brew house at St James’s Gate, where John Sisk & Son have installed 70 desk phones for staff on site, which has delivered greater efficiencies in both cost and time with the use of Goldfish’s technology.

Goldfish’s technology is also being used on another high profile development in the UK, where Sisk’s are fitting-out Europe’s first Shangri-La Hotel at the top of Europe’s tallest skyscraper, Renzo Piano’s ‘Shard of Glass’ in London.

At outset of Goldfish’s appointment by John Sisk & Son the objective was to standardise telephony across all their construction sites. The solution had to be scalable, easy to deploy, cost effective and re-usable. The ability to re-use equipment was particularly important to the company as construction teams would move from site to site as projects were completed.

Goldfish’s solution met all their requirements and was the first implementation of a VoIP telephony solution into the Company. The standard now when requested by site management teams, is to equip each desk for contract clients with a Goldfish phone (there is no expensive on-site PABX phone system with associated PSTN/ISDN lines installation & rental charges); each phone is preconfigured with its own dedicated local number and internal extension and once connected to a network point with access to internet, they are operational immediately.

The company’s on-site phones are geographically well spread all over, but are managed centrally by the I.T. Department, which has total control of all the phones in every site, through a simple web interface.

The nature of the company’s work means there is continual movement between short-term sites, which meant there were huge costs associated in fitting what were effectively permanent phone systems. Now when a project is finished the phones can be shipped to a new site and re-used. They can even be re-configured with new local numbers remotely with no intervention from the end user.

As no on-site phone systems are required, the capital cost savings are significant. In addition, there is no phone line rental and all calls between the sites that have installed the Goldfish solution are free. Call charges are also significantly cheaper than those that were incurred by sites that were using traditional landline services. The move to a hosted system, which is based in the cloud, was a natural step to take for the company.

About (Goldfish Telecom)

Goldfish was founded in 2010 by Gordon O’Neill. A graduate of Dublin City University, Gordon has fourteen years’ experience working in the technology and telecommunications sector. Prior to founding Goldfish he was Director if I.T. Operations at Babelgum (Babel Networks) and was previously employed at LPIS, Chhabra International Ltd and Eurologic Systems. For further information please see:’s Services

The technology available via allows a host of additional features and services, many of which cannot be provided by a traditional supplier such as Eircom, thus providing a professional and flexible service.

These include:

● Call Recording: calls are stored in an online searchable database for up to six years;
● Call Director: commonly known as ‘IVR’ i.e. “press 1 for sales, 2 for accounts..”etc;
● Hunt Groups: calls are routed to multiple phones at the same time for first pick up, where the phones can be a different desks or even different geographic locations;
● Time Of Day Routing: where a call is automatically routed to a different number/s out-of-hours; and
● Voicemail to email; Call Delivery Assurance and many other advanced features that ensure businesses are in control of their telecoms at all times.